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At the Tomb of Naiads
Behind the Old Soldiers’ Hospital
Book of the Jaspers
Book of the Jewel Worm Butter
Cantor, Frege & Gödel:
The Carceral
The First Light of a Quantum Plenum
The Hat Called Sky:
Herman Melville’s Book of Four Sentences
Last Page of His First Novel, Called The Sisters Grim.
The Meteor Shower
Not the Bathing Tank at Madras: A Romance
Professor Slaughter’s Cell in the Land of Luz
The Quotations of Bone
The Quotations of Meat
Sif Mons & the Messenger Birth Star
Snow Down in Hong Kong
South Boston Morning, ‘53:
The Spirit Tablets at Goa Lake | Table of Contents

Commentaries and Introductions:
A Few Notes on Norman Dubie’s The Spirit Tablets at Goa Lake, by Cliff Edwards