blackbirdonline journalSpring 2011  Vol. 10  No. 1
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Blackbird is a joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia



Interviews 2006–2009

Zero Hour, hosted by Tim Bowring, is a radio show broadcast on WRIR, Richmond Indpendent Radio, 97.3 in Richmond, Virginia. Each week Bowring interviews visual artists, curators, critics, and editors to investigate “the why” of visual arts.

The show originated (and took its name) from Plant Zero, a restaurant/arts complex in a converted warehouse at the south end of Richmond’s 14th Street Bridge.

Of the series, Bowring writes

We have all heard of the viewer who walks into an art museum, walks up to a Jackson Pollock painting and sneers, “Well, I could have done that.” The obvious answer is, “You didn’t and you couldn't.” But that answer didn’t help me to understand the artistic process. I wanted to understand better why artists do what they do, and I wanted to know how in the world a Pollock drip painting could be considered high art. I figured I wasn’t alone.

Bowring approached Blackbird about the possibility that the journal might republish or host these interviews. With assistance from the VCU Department of English, New Virginia Review, and the PhD program in Media Art in Text, we are able to provide Zero Hour interviews from 2006–2009 in this “out-of-issue” archive. Though our usual practice is to stream audio, the mp3 format is our choice here for easy download and portability. We hope to bring you more of the archive in future.  

Artist         [mp3] Air Date Genre
4/4/2008 Painting, Mixed-Media Art
7/15/2006 Painting
7/23/2006 Painting, Drawing
5/20/2006 Painting
1/4/2008 Painting
10/19/2007 Painting
5/4/2006 Painting, Public Art Coordinator
4/17/2008 Painting, Photography, Sound
10/24/2008 Mixed-Media Artist
5/2/2008 Dance
10/3/2008 Fashion Designing
10/5/2007, Crafts
1/23/2006 Video, Installation, Painting
2/2/2007 Furniture Painting
7/9/2006 Painting
4/13/2007 Petersburg Regional Art Center
10/7/2006 Poetry
8/1/2008 Art History, Crafts, Rock Paiinting
11/23/2008 Painting, Drawing
11/21/2005 Painting
11/14/2008 Painting
12/15/2006 Editing
11/2/2007 Painting, Photography
12/29/2006 Time Arts, Sculpture
6/1/2007 Painting, Printmaking
9/7/2007 Painting, Drawing
Photography, Painting
12/28/2007 Performance, Textiles
8/31/2007 Pottery
12/29/2008 Director of Education
10/10/2008 Painting
5/9/2008 Painting
9/24/2006 Painting
11/30/2007 Painting
9/19/2008 Magazine Editor
10/12/2007 Clarinetist
11/9/2006 Jewelry
5/1/2006 Sculpture
6/27/2008 Wholistic Medicine
10/17/2008 Painting, Drawing
7/4/2006 Performance Art, Painting
5/20/2008 Painting, Monotypes, Assemblages
1/11/2008 Sculpture, Drawing, Writing
10/31/2008 Curation
2/6/2006 Theater Coordinating
10/26/2007 Painting, Drawing, Author
11/24/2006 Filmmaking
11/9/2007 Scuplture, Filmmaking, Drawing
1/25/2008 Drawing, Papermaking, Sculpture
1/26/2007 Art Collection
1/2/2008 Printmaking
6/28/2006 Painting
2/9/2007 Painting, Drawing, Photography
10/7/2006 Painting, Illustration, Sculpture
6/8/2007 Bookmaking
11/17/2006 Painting, Drawing
8/29/2008 Glass, Mixed-Media Art
12/26/2006 Painting
1/16/2009 Painting
1/18/2008 Painting, Collecting, Collage, Sculpture
1/9/2008 Painting, Printmaking
2/15/2008 Photography
4/14/2006 Gallery Coordinator
7/4/2008 Painting, Printmaking
11/16/2007 Photography
8/22/2008 Mail-Art, Photography
8/24/2007 Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing
6/20/2008 Sculpture
1/1/2008 Painting
9/14/2007 Photography
4/11/2008 Photography
5/15/2006 Painting
11/28/2005 Painting
5/18/2007 Sound
12/19/2008 Criticism
6/13/2008 Painting, Printmaking
11/02/2006 Glass
4/25/2008 Painting, Photography, Text, Video
3/23/2007 Sculpture