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translation from the Slovene by Brian Henry

Blue Flower
from Z Arhilohom po Kikladih (With Archilochus by the Cyclades), (Cankarjeva založba, 2004)

Blue flower, the flower shines bluely.
A piranha is heard turning.
A pupa and a pupa are responsible.
How to live without fear?

Hawad says that he cannot pierce the sky.
Don’t pierce the sky, Hawad.
Don’t die.
In Pistoia the tides are human.

It’s true that all water slides from the world.
The beaver dotes on skin.
Does it consider some slats an armoire?
Knobs, which remain unseen?

Vespas have earned a minute of silence.
They fly around the roof and crouch.  end  

Hawad is a Tuareg poet currently living in France.

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