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Founded in 2002 as a joint venture of the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of English and New Virginia Review, Inc.

Copyright © 2017 by Blackbird and the individual writers and artists

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Blackbird publishes new issues twice a year. The notion of “issue” is both a nod to the print journal and a way for us to call attention to the new work of a limited number of writers. However, publishing online allows us keep all issues available for reading, listening, and viewing. On this page, we wish to point you toward some of the content you may have missed but which still lives in our Archives.

Norman Dubie   Norman Dubie
Blackbird began publishing Norman Dubie’s book-length futurist poem, The Spirit Tablets at Goa Lake, with “Book of the Jewel Worm” in v1n2. The other two sections, “Book of the Jaspers” and “The Book of Crying Kanglings,” appeared in v2n1 and v2n2 respectively. A master menu connects the sections across the three issues. Additional work followed: five poems in v7n1, seven poems in v10n1, four poems in v11n2, three poems in v12n2, one poem in v13n2, and one poem in v15n1.
Tomas Tranströmer   Tomas Tranströmer
Nobel Prize winner Tomas Tranströmer’s poetry, newly translated by Patty Crane along with the original Swedish excerpts from Tranströmer’s 1996 book Sorgegondolen (Sorrow Gondola), was published in v10n1. In the same issue, Jean Valentine offers a letter to the Nobel laureate. In v12n2, David Wojahn provided a compelling meditation on literary friendship and correspondence in “Unlikely Magic, on Airmail: The Letters of Robert Bly and Tomas Tranströmer.”

Kelly Cherry   Kelly Cherry
Blackbird first published Kelly Cherry’s prose in v7n1 with the nonfiction piece, “The Achievement of George Garrett.” Cherry’s short story, “On Familiar Terms,” was published in v10n1, and her reading of the piece was featured in v11n2. Cherry also appeared in v13n2 with her work of fiction, “The Starveling,” as well as a recorded panel discussion from the April 2014 Carole Weinstein Prize in Poetry Event.
Dana Crum   Dana Crum
Dana Crum’s poem, “Portraits of a Former Lover,” was first published in v12n1 of Blackbird. Crum’s fiction has been featured in Carve Magazine and Gumbo: An Anthology of African American Writing, among others. Blackbird features three of Crum’s poems in v16n1: “Rec Center,” “Bruised Forest,” and “i know who you are.”
Claudia Emerson   Claudia Emerson
Blackbird began publishing Claudia Emerson in v1n2 with an audio interview, along with a review of Pinion: An Elegy. Poems appeared from her Pulitzer Prize–winning collection, Late Wife, in v1n2. “Claudia Emerson: An Appreciation” appeared in v5n1. Blackbird published five of Emerson’s poems in v7n1, and v8n1 featured “Poetic Principles: A Reading by Claudia Emerson.” “Secure the Shadow” was published in v9n1. Other poems have appeared in v12n1, v13n2, and v15n1.
Margaret Gibson   Margaret Gibson
Margaret Gibson was first featured by Blackbird in v1n1 with four poems: “Drifting Boat,” “Fox Fire at the Changing Tree,” “Next Morning Letter,” and “Summer Birds and Flowers.” Her nonfiction was featured in v6n1 and v6n2. Five of Gibson’s poems also appeared in v9n1. Blackbird features four of her poems in v16n1.

Gregory Kimbrell   Gregory Kimbrell
Gregory Kimbrell was first featured by Blackbird in v9n1 with a review of Jorn Ake’s Boys Whistling Like Canaries. Two other book reviews by Kimbrell were featured in v10n1 and v10n2. Three of Kimbrell’s poems, “1900 Gibbon Street,” “The Age of Miracles,” and “The Succulent Flowers,” appeared in v14n2, along with “Between the Something and the Nothing  . . . ,”commentary on his form and process.

Jeanne Larsen   Jeanne Larsen
Jeanne Larsen was first featured by Blackbird in v3n2 with two poems: “The Garden of Sex” and “The Garden of Sex II.” Another poem, “The Cellar Stairwell at Jizō House,” appeared in v7n2. Blackbird features “The Shock of War & All Those Bodies Effed [Dead” in v16n1.
Janet Peery   Janet Peery
Janet Peery first appeared in Blackbird in v4n2 with the short story, “How Beautiful Thy Feet With Shoes.” This story was later published as the prologue for What the Thunder Said (St. Martin’s Press, 2007), a series of linked stories and a novella. Blackbird senior editor Mary Flinn interviewed Peery about What the Thunder Said for the v6n2 issue. Peery returns to the latest issue of Blackbird with her short story, “The Accident.”
Paisley Rekdal   Paisley Rekdal
Blackbird first published Paisley Rekdal in v2n1, with her poem, “A Commission.” A reading of this poem at the 2005 AWP Conference was included in v4n1. Three of her poems, “Song with Dog and Cemetery,” “Traumerei,” and “Edward Curtis’ ‘Good Lance: Oglala,’” appeared in v5n2. Two of her poems were also featured in v8n2. An excerpt from Rekdal’s creative nonfiction book, The Broken Country: On Trauma, a Crime, and the Continuing Legacy of Vietnam, appears in v16n1.
Duffy Taylor   Duffie Taylor
Blackbird first published Duffie Taylor in v14n1 with three flash fiction pieces: “Augusta,” “Loxley,” and “Panama City.” These works guide us through austere landscapes, providing astute examinations of death, divorce, and the harsh actuality of a southern upbringing.
C. Dale Young   C. Dale Young
C. Dale Young was first published by Blackbird in v3n1 with the poem, “The Plunder House.” Young was among the group of poets who read at the 2013 AWP Conference event sponsored by Blackbird and diode, and a recording of this event appeared in v12n2. His fiction piece, “The Fortunate,” was featured in v13n1. Young’s poem, “Las Palmas Reales,” appears in v16n1.