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From The Compendium of Romantic Words: Undone

Adj. Notable for its implications of sorcery.
As in, she looked at me and I was undone.
As in, he said “recalcitrant” and I was undone.
As in, a spell was cast and a net inside unraveled
and out spilled all the flashing, silver fish of reason.
A freighted word, indicating an action thrumming
with intent: the clasp undone, the button undone,
the seat belt undone through the fumbling.
Particularly potent when spoken directly
to the object of desire (see: you have undone me).
Key risk: if the undoer is not mutually undone,
eventually the undoing will cease. When this occurs,
the undone will sometimes seek out James Bond
marathons and grocery delivery while outside
it snows or suns or hails with immaterial commitment.
This is the crisis moment for the undone, who must
immediately get a pet scorpion, book a cruise
to the Arctic Circle, take up aviation, anything at all
that will cause the heart to flood the heart again,
anything at all that stems from parsing the word
to its stripped-down core: un as in not, done as in finished.  

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