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Ary Justman

Ary Justman (1888–1919) was a Polish poet born in Warsaw. He arrived in Paris around 1910, where he later met the sculptor Chana Orloff; they married in 1916. Justman published poems alongside Orloff’s visual work in the journal SIC and the two collaborated on one book, Réflexions Poétiques (SIC Editions, 1916), which included poems by Justman and visual work by Orloff.

Justman contracted influenza while a volunteer with the Red Cross, and died January 12, 1919 at the age of thirty-one—a little more than two months after his friend, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire.┬áThe names of both men are inscribed on the Pantheon among 560 foreign poets who “died for France.” Justman was survived by his wife, Chana Orloff, and their one-year-old son.  end