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What is the layer

What is the layer that’s stolen from the thief what explains the way in which hands collapse in

prayer or fist-wise reshape an evening’s surface your layer the mesozoic that which is bred from

a kind of distance combined with forgetting what’s given or belongs to us I am kind to my brother

because I hug him one of the first sentences written on lined paper as distant as jurassic from

this yellow leaf layer low brass layer goalie layer layer stolen from hands still warm the last of

the bread the last fruit what collapses in prayer remakes itself in devotion or so the thief

rupturing the evening’s surface with his song goes on believing of our growing solitude of the

way in which one thing into another elides or withdraws unseen too little is known layer of

pollens on layer of glass petal on petal layered the way unknowing can visit a child’s face the

collapse of one into another this or that layer in which exhausted he marches the field on layer

where his brother dives again toward the feet of the boy who would kick him but jumps clear

twins the layer of he who steals and who is stolen  

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