Blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsSpring 2021  Vol. 20  No. 1
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Ode to the Dozens Ending with Me & My Dogs

I ask Big Mike where the phrase found its life
where the Dozens comes from & he says
something about old firing squads
with their rifles & only one bullet
amongst the twelve possibilities.
The Dirty Dozens, he says & I proceed
to roast Elliot like,

You ol’ I’m fifty-six
but I’m wearin’ a shirt made for a six-year-old
lookin’ mawfucka! & on & on
because can’t nothing stop us when we play
the Dozens, Mone X chiming in
like, Get ‘em! Now add Civ & Ciph
Tarzan, Will, JR, Big Mike & we roast
one another like,
You ol’ prison Under Armour
commercial lookin’ mawfucka!
You ol’ lookin’ like I wear
a twelve but really I rock a six-and-a-half
lookin’ mawfucka!
You ol’ “I’m the captain now”
Lookin’ mawfucka
Lookin’ mawfucka! & it’s like family talk
It’s like Saturday morning in the sun
off the OJ & vodka to numb the aches.

I’ll take this everyday ‘til I’m free.

Picture this: me & my dogs giving no fucks
about who’s the shooter, who’s the victim
& who’s got the bullet, just laughing
barking & carrying on, shouting, Get ‘em!
chests out like we can’t be touched.  

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