Blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsSpring 2021  Vol. 20  No. 1
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Four Cardinals

Color of post
storm sky breeze
in mid

afternoon lost
memory it could almost
have disappeared but for the ripple

it made in the earth-
colored water
When asked

the color of the sky Deutscher’s
daughter daughter
of a linguist could not

say What is the color
of absence? of a wish? of the mind’s
reflection? At the block

party we introduced
ourselves by our house
numbers 24 as if

we might be recognized
by the stairs we climb
each day the doorjamb

our fingers brush as we try
to remember
what it is we forgot

At Deer Lagoon from the neutral
beiges and browns grays

and blacks a blue
stepped beak sharp
as a pick Our worship

built into its name The Great
Heron swallows

whole its prey has been
known to
choke Its diet

is not limited
to fish and bugs
It will eat mice too

and other birds Tonight
the Worm Moon rises
in the company

of Hydra water snake
of the 88

constellations To the north
a bell ting
tings the 506

Carlton Red flashes
between white-
washed buildings I watch

from this house
where the floors tilt
in every

direction and the arch
over the back
door is mounted up

side down 18’s bird
feeder swings A ripple
the color of  

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