blackbirdonline journalSpring 2022  Vol. 21  No. 1

In the spring of 2022, Blackbird associate editors conducted three interviews with previous or current Blackbird contributors: Margaret Gibson, Katarzyna Jakubiak, Gwen E. Kirby. Contributors discuss their writing processes and more in these intimate, incisive interviews.

Margaret Gibson A Correspondence with Margaret Gibson
   Conducted by Waverley Vesely

The practice of paying attention is more focused than that of noticing. I can easily notice something and be instantly distracted. When noticing becomes . . .

Katarzyna Jakubiak   A Correspondence with Katarzyna Jakubiak
   Conducted by Jamie Walters

Fiction and nonfiction absolutely feed each other in my writing. I am the author of two books published in my native language . . .

Gwen E. Kirby   A Correspondence with Gwen E. Kirby
   Conducted by James Fowler

I love that you ask what women and all gender identities might take away from the book! I am frustrated, though of course not surprised, by . . .

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