blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


SHERI REYNOLDS  |  Orabelle’s Wheelbarrow


Orabelle's Wheelbarrow
Orlando Repertory Theatre Cast, September, 2005
Back row: Sam Waters, Paula Rossman, Tom Sexton, Pam Baumann
Front row: Janet Raskin, Aqueelah Roberson

Leona—40s, white
Gwendolyn—60s, white; Promise #2, #7
Little Pug—60s, white
Rubie—40s, black; Promise #3, #5
Orabelle—80s, black
Jack Flanagan—60s, white; Promise #1, #4, #6

*Alternative—one female actor can play Promises #2, 3, 5, and 7.


Outskirts of a small town in South Carolina. Summer. Recent past.

The play needs minimal scenery, with suggestions of spaces rather than full sets. Locations include Leona’s porch and Orabelle’s porch, a yard, a field, a kitchen/living area. Outdoor scenes might suggest green overgrown trees and plant-life, shady dirt roads, abandoned farm equipment. Indoor scenes could incorporate farm-house decor—box fans, fly-swatters, afghans thrown over rocking chairs.

Scene changes come quickly, with sections of the stage representing different places at the same time. Lights shift from one area to the other rather than blacking out.