blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1



When they lost the plot we had only the notes to go on

[1]  The neopantoum structure, with its use of the hard rhymes drape, nape, rape, escape, echoes the beating wings of the seagull.

[2]  Well-known for prefiguring Apollinaire’s calligrammes, she wrote little (if anything) after the Russian Revolution.

[3]  Word unclear in the original.

[4]  A copy hangs in the Louvre.

[5]  1865?-1918

[6]  Reputed mistress of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII), Lady Beaufort was never in Antibes.

[7]  Can be translated either as the colour or as the degenerative disease.

[8]  Text corrupted. This rendition assumes that she survived childbirth and did in fact visit the Lesser Antilles.  

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