Blackbird an online journal of literature and the arts Fall 2007  Vol. 6 No. 2


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12:12 | Michael Chitwood
Advice to My Grandson | Ron Smith
After Hanging Mao Posters | Victoria Chang
Amen to the Ax | Michael Chitwood
Book Review | case sensitive, by Kate Greenstreet | Susan S. Williams
Book Review | From the Book of Giants, by Joshua Weiner | Ron Slate
Book Review | Inkblot and Altar, by Laura Van Prooyen | Allison Seay
Book Review | Kettle Bottom,by Diane Gilliam Fisher | Catherine MacDonald
Book Review | Messenger: New and Selected Poems, by Ellen Bryant Voigt | Susan S. Williams
Book Review | Portrait of the Artist as a White Pig, by Jane Gentry | Mary Lee Allen
Book Review | Without a Philosophy, by Elizabeth Seydel Morgan | Susan S. Williams
The Boy Who Walked to Distant Lands | Zane Kotker
A Conversation with Rebecca Black | Rebecca Black  audio icon
A Conversation with Margrét Blöndal | Margrét Blöndal  audio icon
A Conversation with Michael Collier | Michael Collier  audio icon
A Conversation with Khaled Mattawa | Khaled Mattawa  audio icon
A Conversation with Janet Peery  | Janet Peery  audio icon
A Conversation with Joshua Weiner | Joshua Weiner
Chicago: A Commonplace Novel | Amey Miller
Condor | Louie Skipper
Elegy in Late Spring | Timothy O'Keefe
Down in the Mines | Charles Wright
First Snowfall | Jon Pineda
Flannery's Angel | Charles Wright
Flashpoint | Richard Schmitt
Friday Afternoons on Bus Number 51 | Sruthi Thekkiam
From 67 mogul miniatures | Raza Ali Hasan
From the Calderstones | Lesley Wheeler
From Sanctificum | Chris Abani
Future Tense | Charles Wright
Going Away Shoes | Jill McCorkle

The Gospel According to Somebody Else
| Charles Wright
Heaven | Jon Pineda
the honky tonk blues bar | Cyan James
In Praise of Darkness: An Exchange | William Olsen and David Wojahn
In Praise of What's Missing | Charles Wright
Inspiration | Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
In Which I Imagine Myself Into a Film Noir | Catherine Pierce
In Which I Imagine Myself Into a Slasher Flick | Catherine Pierce
In Which I Imagine Myself Into a Western | Catherine Pierce
John's Christ | John Poch
Kabul Revisited: From The War Zone is My Bed | Yasmine Rana
Larry Levis at Laurel and China
Light-Based Art: Work by Finch and Davarro | John Ravenal
Morning After the Prom | James Hoch
The Old House With Thee | Khaled Mattawa
Pima Road Notebook(I) | Keith Ekiss
Pima Road Notebook(II) | Keith Ekiss
The Present | Austin Segrest
Problems With Windows | James Hoch
Postmortem Examination on the Body of Clifford Baxter | Victoria Chang
Reinventing the Game | Gerald Donato
Say You Waved: A Dream Song Cycle | Beth Ann Fennelly  audio icon
September | Julia Johnson
| Margaret Gibson
There are No Names for Red, Excerpts | Chris Abani
Tomorrow | Charles Wright
Tenth Annual Levis Prize Reading | Joshua Weiner  audio icon
Vanishing Point | Robert Thomas
Ventriloquist on the Moor | Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
Ventriloquist on an Off Day | Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
Vita Nuova | Joshua Weiner
Weegee: Coney Island Beach After Midnight | Joshua Weiner
Winter Stars
| Larry Levis
  audio icon