blackbird online journal Spring 2008  Vol. 7  No. 1


Betty Adcock
M.C. Allan
Andrew Allport
Adam Chiles
Ramola D
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Matt Donovan
Todd Fredson
Henry Hart
Jeanne Larsen
Patrick Lawler
Larry Levis
Louise Mathias
Khaled Mattawa
Iman Mersal
Irene McKinney
Edie Rhoads
Ron Smith
Gerald Stern
Allison Titus
Sarah Vap
Bruce Weigl
Jonathan Weinert
Joe Wilkins
Terri Witek


Variation on a Landscape
     after David Hockney’s A Bigger Puddle Near Kilham

Start with the riven tracks tuned by rain.
Start with the arteries of fall. With this: the cartilage
of trees, their skulls filling with light, filling
with blue accomplishment.

Start with the bleeding clay, its haemorrhage of soil.
Start with the field beyond the field, the track
narrowing there, a meadow the path dreams
in a rising arm of rain.

Start with a puddle of rain, its lens reflecting
the tree’s spent doctrine.
Start with the eye, this muddied pupil.
Start with its indifference

   Contributor’s notes   
   Variation on a Landscape
      after Hockney’s Winter Tunnel