blackbirdonline journalSpring 2009  Vol. 8  No. 1

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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.



Chris Abani
Nick Admussen
Mary Lee Allen
Maureen Alsop
Alexis Apfelbaum
Claire Bateman
Sandra Beasley
Craig Beaven
Nicky Beer
Kara Candito
Victoria Chang
Thomas Cooper
Marina Antropow Cramer
Michael Croley
Jehanne Dubrow
Claudia Emerson
Ann Fisher-Wirth
Julie Funderburk
Heather June Gibbons
Myron Helfgott
Anna Journey
Philip Levine
Catherine MacDonald (poetry)
Catherine MacDonald (nonfiction)
Randy Marshall
Erika Meitner
Matthew Myers
Taylur Thu Hien Ngo
Megan O'Rourke
Patty Paine
Mary Petrosky
Wyatt Prunty
Jessica Ratigan
Rita Mae Reese
Joshua Rivkin
Metta Sáma
Christine Schutt
Diane Seuss
Emily Smith
Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet
Jesse Ulmer
Jean Valentine (poetry)
Jean Valentine (features)
Jasmine Dreame Wagner
Grant White
Susan Settlemyre Williams
G.K. Wuori