blackbirdonline journalSpring 2009  Vol. 8  No. 1

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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.



Book Review | Hardscrabble, by Kevin McFadden | Mary Lee Allen
Book Review | The History of Anonymity, by Jennifer Chang | Sandra Beasley
Book Review | The Boatloads, by Dan Albergotti | Craig Beaven
Book Review | Making a Map of the River, by Thorpe Moeckel | Catherine MacDonald
Book Review | In the Truth Room, by Dana Roeser | Catherine MacDonald
Book Review | Mission Work, by Aaron Baker | Matthew Myers
Book Review | The View From Zero Bridge, by Lynn Aarti Chandhok | Patty Paine
Book Review | Undiscovered Country, by Lin Enger | Jesse Ulmer
Book Review | The Learners, by Chip Kidd | Grant White
Book Review | Flight: New and Selected Poems, by Linda Bierds | Susan Settlemyre Williams
Catalog Note: Article of Venusian Handicraft | Nicky Beer   audio icon
Clockwork Erotica: Why He Takes Off His Glasses When Telekinesis Fails | Anna Journey   audio icon
Controlled Burn | Thomas Cooper
A Conversation with Chris Abani | Chris Abani  audio icon
Dear P. XXI | Victoria Chang 
Dear P. XXIII | Victoria Chang  
Dear P. XXIV | Victoria Chang
Dear P.XXVI | Victoria Chang
Domestic Economics | Mary Petrosky
Dreamy Willie and the Trinity of Cows | Nicky Beer   audio icon
Elegy: I Pass By the Erotic Bakery | Anna Journey   audio icon
Elegy with a Chinese Checkerboard | Victoria Chang
The Girl Needs to Be Kissed | Christine Schutt
Harold Street Eclogue | Joshua Rivkin
He Has Given His Face to the Waters of the Lake | Anna Journey   audio icon
I Am My Rooster | Taylur Thu Hien Ngo
If a Person Visits Someone in a Dream,
   in Some Cultures the Dreamer Thanks Them | Jean Valentine
Inheritance | Jessica Ratigan
Insulation | Michael Croley
La Bufera: Our last Trip to Sicily | Kara Candito   audio icon
Leda at Work in the World | Catherine MacDonald   audio icon
Letter to the City Bayou By Its Sign: Beware Alligators | Anna Journey   audio icon
Lines | Julie Funderburk
March 19, 2003 | Jessica Ratigan
Meaning To Milk | Rita Mae Reese
The Mirror’s Lake Is Forever | Anna Journey   audio icon
Mishap | Rita Mae Reese
Moth, Horse, Accident, Skin | Maureen Alsop
My City | Heather June Gibbons
New Direction | Joshua Rivkin
New Old-Girl | Jehanne Dubrow
Night Ship to Ceuta | Philip Levine
Night with Eros in the Story of Leather (2) | Anna Journey   audio icon
Patina: A Triptych | Metta Sáma
Pear | Marina Antropow Cramer
Planetarium (One Adult Admission) | Julie Funderburk
Platform: An Introduction to Claudia Emerson | Randy Marshall
Polarity | Kara Candito   audio icon
Police Report, November 25, 2007 | Nick Admussen
The Privilege of Power, 1965 | Philip Levine
A Reading by Chris Abani | Chris Abani  audio icon
A Reading by Claudia Emerson | Claudia Emerson   audio icon
A Reading by Jean Valentine | Jean Valentine   audio icon
A Reading by Meghan O’Rourke | Meghan O’Rourke   audio icon
Restoration Portrait | Nicky Beer   audio icon
Rimbaud’s Kraken | Nicky Beer   audio icon
Rousing the Machinery | Catherine MacDonald   audio icon
Selections from Otherwhere | Claire Bateman
Self-Portrait with an Ice Pick | Kara Candito   audio icon
Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #541 | Emily Smith
Spencerian Hand | Wyatt Prunty
spring’s confessional poem | Diane Seuss
Suburban Pastoral | Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet
Sweet Box | Catherine MacDonald   audio icon
Tales from the Dark Hotel | Ann Fisher-Wirth
Taste of Cherry | Kara Candito   audio icon
Threshing | Jasmine Dreame Wagner
Transitions for Dancers When Dance Is No Longer an Option | Catherine MacDonald   audio icon
Treatise on Travel | Erika Meitner
The Upstairs Notebook | Erika Meitner
Two selections from A Thousand Penelopes | Jehanne Dubrow
Tyranny of the Theoretical | Myron Helfgott   
View from the Headlands | Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet
Wendy’s Friend | G.K. Wuori
We’re at a Party | Alexis Apfelbaum
what is it darling, that draws you to me? it’s probably insipid, | Diane Seuss
Where the Navy Sends You | Jehanne Dubrow
The Whore’s Guide to Etymology | Rita Mae Reese
Within Five Miles of Home | Rita Mae Reese