blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsFall 2009  Vol. 9. No. 2






           Some Of The Goofs At Camp
                   *Phantom Wood*
        “We Will Make a Good Beginning”
                                                   K. Hoff                                                            

Gelatin Silver Plate, c. 1910

Furthermore, the moment may be festooned:
The moment’s upgrade, its bonus track,

Moment embellished, an alternate take
By Jimmy By Cracker Hot Dog 23 Skidoo.

The Five Goofs, wreathed in lakewater up to their chests,
Have been Photoshopped
                                          by the expert

Fountain penstrokes of K. Hoff, artist
& ringmistress. To each face she’s administered a mask,

Rictus-ing to all a grin or laugh, eyebrows
& ‘staches absurdly hirsute à la Groucho

Or Agamemnon sneering from his gravemask, hammered gold.
The sky has been improved by two smudged birds.

Caption: Amos Smelser has been marked as “A.” The “G”
Is H. Goodwin.
                       Having Good Fun, aren’t we?

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