blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsFall 2009  Vol. 9. No. 2






Quixo|T|ic: 248 PTS!!! (Two Triples & a Bingo)
Polaroid, 1972

Q10ueenly, she half-smiles. I pose her

U1nder the patio umbrella, sweltering August.

I1mperious, she gestures toward the rubied letters,

X8’s & O's aimed at her son—air kisses to embarrass

O1r needle me. She pushes my buttons,

T1ipsy with her third gin & tonic.

I1n the photo, her hair could be her own.

C2hemo, though, has shaved her eyebrows clean. |Q|U|I|X|O|T|I|C|—


A1 windmill before her, armed with L&Ms & Beefeater,


B3ravely she charges. Two   Hundred   Forty-Eight!!

I1n a reverie now,she’s thoroughly snockered:

N1ow try to top this, college brat!

G3arrulous, voice still hoarse from the radiation,

O1ut of the bag she draws her new letters. A hiss & a grin.

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