blackbirdonline journalSpring 2010  Vol. 9  No. 1
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After Lorca

Let me talk to you                       plainly
dove-wash        and heat wave             the city reaching 100
because of the concrete                                                  yes       
what else          besides the minor barrages
stick with us                                what else but
the painterly something-or-other                     the still lifes
you left us                    how you wrote
I will not see it   to refuse your friend’s death
I can see how that                      might work for a while
elegy something                          animate                        inside you
and something simple as sight                         to keep you company
finally too lonely                          to keep one’s eyes open
as if to keep one’s eyes open                          were to be lonely
and keeping sight company                    were something simple
as elegy so animate                                          it works
for a while                                   I can see how
in refusing a friend’s death                      you would see it
then give it to us                                              in painterly
something-or-other                                                         a still life
that sticks with us        here inside the minor barrages          
the city reaching 100                                         concrete
dear one          before they come for you                        let me talk plainly
of heat wave                and  dove-wash  end

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