blackbirdonline journalSpring 2011  Vol. 10  No. 1
Aurelie Sheehan

Aurelie Sheehan is the author of the novels History Lesson for Girls (Viking, 2006) and The Anxiety of Everyday Objects (Penguin, 2004), as well as the short story collection Jack Kerouac Is Pregnant (Dalkey Archive Press, 1994). Her stories and literary nonfiction have appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, EPOCH, Fence, New England Review, Nimrod, and The Southern Review, and she has stories anthologized in Best of the West 2009 and Best of the West 2010 (University of Texas Press). She has received the Pushcart Prize for nonfiction, as well as the Camargo Fellowship, the Jack Kerouac Literary Award, and an Artists Projects Award from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Since 2005, Sheehan has been the director of the creative writing MFA Program at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she also teaches fiction writing.  end

Photo by Martha Lochert, 2005