Blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsSpring 2021  Vol. 20  No. 1
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Long Division

    Between two
bedrooms nine
    people seven
too young to
    hold still Two
wanting everything
    to hold still

We were of eleven
    minds as if the two
who didn’t survive
to make their
    feelings known

We are viewed as both

    an argument against
    and an argument for

We were never one

Can you say
which holds more hope?

The family ing or
the family ing?

There is a photo of us
in which

            snow is falling
With it, the sky

We are only very rarely all
    in the same room

If each finger touches
    a different surface which

do you feel?

The thumb serves a function
distinct from the rest

He was always
leaving    She left

and never again

The country
    divided the family divided I

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