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Margaret Gibson Reading Loop

Margaret Gibson
   Corn Mask
   The Harvest
   Living History

Tim Seibles
   Review | The Glass Gobe by Margaret Gibson

A Correspondence with Margaret Gibson

Adam Chiles
   The Afterlife
   Spring Inventory in a Wood Near Lund

Introductions Reading Loop

Caleb Braun
   Objects, Permanence
   Self-Portrait as Yard Boy

Catharina Coenen

Colby Cotton
   The New Poem

Lena Fultz

Patricia García Luján
   People Like Us

Simon Shieh
   exercise in keeping it all in

Arhm Choi Wild 
   Ars Poetica
   Break Up Poem
   For Who Spring Is No Laughing Matter
   It Is 6 p.m. on the 2 Train Downtown
   When You Put on Your Binder Smelling Like Lavender

Tracking the Muse

Mark Jarman
   Our Life
   Sick Fox

Cathy Linh Che
   Zombie Apocalypse Now: Survival

Emily Franklin
   Ghost Letter
   Mushrooms on the Roadside
   The Persephone Period

David Huddle
   The Visit

Antonia Pozzi
   translated from Italian by Amy Newman
   Odor of Hay

Nathaniel Perry
   June (The rain is falling in veils)
   June (We’re waiting for our dog to die)
   June (I dug the hole and the dog watched)
   June (I realize now in last week’s poem)
   June (And we’re past the solstice now)

James Seay
   Dogs with Agency

Emilia Phillips

Philip Arnold
   Alfred and the Axis Mundi

Claudia Emerson Reading Loop

Claudia Emerson

Brian Brodeur
   How a Poem Happens: Claudia Emerson

Emerson’s Study
   Photographs by Lauren Miner

Bernard Martin
   Revisiting Stagecoach

Bruce Bond

Inge Pedersen
   translated from Danish by Marilyn Nelson
   I Said Nothing

Rodney Jones
   When Everything Is Nothing

Kevin Concannon
   Actionable Art: From Sam’s Café to United Art Contractors (Conceptual Art on Trial)

James Leech
   Ixta’s been climbed by the Puebla English

Whittney Jones
   Pleuropulmonary Blastoma

Bruce Kilstein
   The Recipe for Making Blood

Wesley Gibson
   from You Are Here: A Memoir of Arrival

Kathy Fagan
   Lucky Star

Katharine Coles
   Sonnet (1)

Aaron Baker
   Cougar Flat

William Fargason
   Elegy with Teeth
   Ode to My Pectus Excavatum

Danielle Kotrla
   Review | Daniel Boone’s Window by Matthew Wimberley

Blackbird Editors
   Recommendations & Reviews of work by
      Gwen E. Kirby
      Brooke Matson
      Sara Nović

Cabell First Novelist Award Reading Loop

Raven Leilani
   from Luster

A Conversation with Raven Leilani

Ty Phelps
   Review | Luster by Raven Leilani

A Conversation with Katarzyna Jakubiak

A Conversation with Gwen E. Kirby


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